sábado, 16 de junho de 2012

New Photo of the Week: Home colors (and a few more)

It was quite a while since I last went for some afternoon spotting.
Didn't stay as long as I had planned but still it was enough to get some of the most importante afternoon landings...
D-AICF, one of the 3 Condors of the day...
(and still no retro colors around here....Come on Condor! Where's D-AICA?)

It was only when I was processing the pics, in the computer , that I noticed that this Air Méditerranée was in fact an Hermes Airlines B735

A close-up on home colors for this Photo of the Week (CS-TTM a TAP A319)

Time to get these ones before Condor get them out of the company

D-ABOE just moments from of touching down on 05 with a nice wingflex

F-GZHC, from Transavia France, arriving from Paris-Orly (via Porto)

Allways nice to see a colorfull apron, despite the sun trying to leave..
On the apron yet another A320 that I didn't get on the landing: Air Berlin's (Belair) HB-IOW, wich had arrived from Zurich

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