segunda-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2011

New Photo of the Week - SBA

Last Saturday was a really nice spotting day and an even better gathering between some of the Spotters.
Definitelly a day like we hadn't had in quite a while.
A big thumbs up to everyone and also to the other spotters who unfortunatelly due work, couldn't join us.

I was really undecided on which pic I'd choose to this week's photo.
Ended up choosing this one from SBA....

YL-LCY, the 767 from SBA, ready to push back

This day we managed to get some pics that were really nice and rare (premiere's to me) but decided on this one because it's been a long time since I last caught an SBA which has a really nice livery that I like and anyway, it's not everyday you get these 18mm shots...
Take off to Caracas, from runway 05

Right engine was leaving a big and dark tail of smoke....(the other one was quite regular...)

4 comentários:

  1. Pois esse fumo ainda esteve algum tempo a deitar...
    Cores vermelhas com o azul de fundo ficou fantastico, como e bom ter dois climas, para os lados da 05 estava escuro!

    Paulo Olim
    Asas Madeira

  2. Boas fotos Rui.
    Infelizmente não deu devido ao trabalho, pra proxima é avisar com antecedência pra tentar trocar horários.
    Fico a aguardar pela próxima :)


  3. Temos de combinar mais uma coisa destas qualquer dia.