sábado, 18 de dezembro de 2010

Five in a row

Just got an email from Jetphotos, with the aceptance of 5 pics (and one rejection).

All the photos are older pics that were in the "closet" and while browsing my photos, remember to upload them to Jetphotos.

HB-KOR, a Socata TBM-850. Not usual around here.
D-AHIK, special livery for Hamburg 10th Aniversary...double value for this pic, now that unfortunatelly Hamburg closed its doors...
G-OOAR, from Thomson Airways. I wonder if they'll ever paint the A320's in full Thomson livery?
Probably my fav. from the all batch. Allways had a preference for action shots. PH-HSS had the curiosity of  maintaining the winglets of its previous operator: Gol, from Brazil.
you can check it HERE
Not an usual angle at LPMA with a couple of planes in a row, taxiing.
PH-ZOM in the front. Pic taken about 3 months after its delivery to Transavia.
Now in duty with Transavia France, as F-GZHF 
And this was the rejected one (bad contrast....)
Taken while approaching Lisbon, from CS-TNB. Quite an oldie....
Was stored just 4 months after this flight...
It got quite a life...check it HERE

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