sexta-feira, 1 de outubro de 2010

Cubana x Korean at Madrid

One of my cousins went to Madrid, just to have the oportunity of flying the Cubana's IL-96 to

I got this IL-96 once, at Madrid, last Easter.
I only had my small Ixus, so the quality isn't that good and also it's quite far...but it's registred!

Anyway, in all that traffic the most exciting one for me was the B777, from Korean Air....

All in all, I only got this one because I was waiting for Rui Alves, so I guess you're responsable for this catch...LOL
It was a crazy day...specially for you...Thank you for all my friend!
This post is definitely dedicated to you!
(by the way, do you miss the view?)

By the way, a late update on this post:
Check one of Rui Alves's pic regarding this day, it's well worth it....

3 comentários:

  1. I miss the view with lots of snow and cold :P

  2. :))
    O friozinho estava lá, mas de certeza que mais quente do que quando estiveste, já que neve só nas montanhas em redor de Madrid...

  3. LOL
    Definitivamente foi 1 dia... intenso! :)
    Mas, Felizmente, correu td bem! :)
    O C4TO la estreou o IL96...
    Quanto à vista, foi bom, mt bom mesmo.
    Uma página do passado desta história de vida,
    mas uma página que valeu bem a pena! :)

    Pues nada, Muchas Gracias! :)

    PS: Visto do lado de dentro da "aventura" :)