sábado, 9 de janeiro de 2010


A couple of guys from the Madeira Spotters are going, this weekend, for a spotting trip, at Mallorca.

The last time I went to Mallorca was back in 2002 and it was also the first time I flew the Tristar. (the second and last time I flew it was in the return trip....)

The  plane was CS-TMR, from Yes, which later originated White.

For most of the people, the trip was starting in a bad way, due to the delays but I couldn't complain about that...hehe!
Like I said, due to some delay, we lost our slot for Mallorca. That day, was a crazy day at Mallorca, with lots of traffic and getting a new slot was not beeing easy.
We were already inside the plane and waiting, with everybody complaining about the delay and the heat.
Usually I'm very shy on those things but, I walked up into the front and asked to visit the cockpit...and they alllowed....amazing!!!
If I can remember well, it was the first time I was inside the cockpit of a major bird and it was fantastic (specially on a bird like the Tristar).
The Capt. and F/O were busy but the flight engineer was very nice and talked with me for some time and explained me lots of stuff on the gauges and equipment of the plane...

When we arrived at Mallorca, couldn't stop beeing amazed by the amount of planes in circuit ahead and after us, for landing...

Also, lots of luck with the vacations, as the week before our arrival had been raining (when we got there, everything was still wet).
The week we were there we got a fantastic weather and sun only.
The week after our departure, rain returned hard, causing floods and some disasters...pretty lucky for us....

3 comentários:

  1. Apanhastes dois "pequenos" muito interessantes. Parece também que andastes num dos melhores aviões, alguma vez construídos (Tristar), pena que não tiveram o reconhecimento que lhes era devido...

  2. O avião da foto é garantidamente o CS-TMR e não o CS-TMX. Tanto pela cor das costas das cadeiras como pela existência das manetes extra do "Flight Engineer" no throttle, que não existiam no CS-TMX ;)

    O Flight Engineer da foto, é um excelente profissional!

    1. Obrigado pela correcção.
      Já altero no texto ;)
      Quanto ao Flight Engineer, lembro-me que era uma pessoa extremamente simpáctica!
      Dê-lhe cumprimentos da minha parte (embora certamente já não se lembre minimamente de mim...hehe)