terça-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2010

New Photo of the Week - Diving into 05

Despite de huge amount of traffic of the last days, some of which really nice with a few debuts, I have nothing new to share, so will keep with memories...

Found this one on my archives a few days ago. Beside the fighter style turn and "dive" there's a few more points of interest on this movement.

Back then, when we had the British Airways colors, the flights were made by GB (later bought by Easyjet) and they used Airbus.
A B737 with BA colors was quite rare around here. In this case, it was a rental from XL Airways (or was it still Excel, back then...??)

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  1. Adorei a foto do 310 da Sata a subir, e o desvio do 737 tá excelente também.