quinta-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2009

Good bye Cagliari

Read today at Skyliner-aviation that the D-AHFX, with the very nice South Sardinia / Cagliari livery was ferried to receive the regular Tui painting.

I know that these kind of liveries are flying comercials, paid for a contracted amount of time but, in this case, is a big loss in the world of aviation liveries specially considering that the regular Tui livery is quite bad...
The new Yellow/red Tuifly liverie is rather "flashing" and it isn't that bad but the regular "boring blue" Tui livery is quite awfull...
Anyway...good bye Cagliari...

Um comentário:

  1. oi ca seca mais um avião com as cores normais.
    ola menos tempo no aeroporto...;((