sexta-feira, 6 de novembro de 2009

Working Merlin...

On the same day of the arrival of the Atlético Bilbao, the Portuguese Air Force EH-101 based at Porto Santo was quite busy during a few hours.
It made a couple of Medical Evacuations on the sea. The first one was from cruise ship "Aida Vita", 240 miles from Madeira and the second one was from a petrol carrier ship 70 miles off our island.

After the arrival of Privilege with the spanish team, I left the airport.
Not longer after that received a call telling me that there was one of the new C-295 of the Portuguese Air Force (16704) at the airport and that the Merlin was also there refueling, before proceeding to another Medical Evacuation on the sea...crap!!
The problem with military traffic, specially on a civilian airport is that you never know when they're coming...

Anyway, later (around 15.30) was driving at Funchal when I noticed the EH-101 descending into the west part of the had to be landing on the Hospital helipad.
Went there, off course. Not many oportunities of seeing it in action there. With traffic and so, decided to stay near the hospital, despite not beeing the best plane and not having a direct view on the roof helipad.
A few moments after it started its take off but oposite of what I was expecting it didn't made its exit to the side of the Carlton Hotel, where I had a better line of took off to the side of Barreiros Stadium, behing the Hospital...
With this and the crappy weather, didn't manage to get any better pics than these...altough the second one its rather nice on a more artistic view....

Anyway, you can allways have a look of a set of pics I took, back in 2007 to the trainings of  a Merlin at the Hospital helipad. It's on my old photoblog:
Just Click HERE.

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