segunda-feira, 19 de outubro de 2009

Remembering - A night bath

A few days ago, Jorge posted a pic on Aviação Portugal Fórum that remembered me a very interesting night a couple of years ago.
It was something you don't get to see many times: a night bath ceremony.
The event: celebrating the last flights of a PGA capt. that was going to retire. The flights to Madeira and the return to Lisbon would be its lasts (as an airline pilot).

The pics...well, not many great spotting pics but definitelly some diferent pics and night well spent.

While the guys were getting ready (a well known madeirean spotter on top of the stairs of an handling company that is already gone), the plane is already on the circuit (notice the long-exposition of the lights of the plane, on the low background).

The night bath while CS-TPB enters the apron (not much of the plane but a nice effect anyway...)

After arrival, the captain received some souvenirs from the scale guys at LPMA and some friends.
Meanwhile, took this shot because I noticed that when using the flash, the water sprayed over the plane seemed like shining stars in the night...

Well, time to push-back for the return to Lisbon.

and time for another strange but with a nice efect shot...

And this last one, a tribute to another person on that day...
This shot was made with my equipment but by another spotter. One that, unfortunatelly is no longer among us...Tony Silva

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  1. With that first photo, we can see how the photos were handheld and the video with a tripod

  2. Aquela agua está muito fixe deu uma boa foto
    Saudações Aéreas