domingo, 9 de agosto de 2009

Medic36 windy landing

During all year one of the most important missions of the PoAF at Porto Santo is the evacuation of more serious medical situations to Madeira.

In Summer this is even more important and commom, due to the increase of the Porto Santo population with the summers tourists.

Altought July isn't the most crowded month at Porto Santo (it's August) the PoAF Detachment C-212 still made quite a few Medical Evacutations.
I had an extra motivation for getting some pics of the Aviocar as B.V. was the pilot and I wanted to send him some pics...

Unfortunately these were the most interesting pics I got from the Aviocar and were taken precisely on the day he left for the this flight was already made by the crew that arrived that morning...

Anyway, I heard that the Medic36 had left to Madeira, so went expecting it on arrival (I even though that the evacuation was made by the C-295 that arrived that morning...)

Well, no C-295 but the Aviocar sure made an interesting landing with some strong winds and was well worth the trip.

4 comentários:

  1. Caramba estava muito vento ai no Porto Santo. Bem apanhado.


  2. Pois acredito...
    Eu queria trocar contigo porque têm muitas companhias aereas para fotografar aqui são poucas!

  3. Pois o Q200 acho vai ir para ai para subistuir o ATP!

  4. Grande sequência, fantástico vento lol