terça-feira, 23 de junho de 2009

New Photo of the Week - Travel Service at Night

Last night I got the info that Travel Service flight, from Warsaw would be done by a "different" plane.

At that time wouldn't be able to get to the airport in time for the landing....anyway it would already be too dark for any kind of pic without a tripod so...decided to take care of my life first and then go for the departure.

When I was arriving at Santa Cruz, noticed a Travel Service tail....so, not the plane I was expecting...unless it had been paint with Travel Service livery.

Went for the terminal balcony, for some tripod shots...it really wasn't the plane I was expecting but it wasn't a bad catch at all. OK-TVJ, received by Travel Service only last month. Besides that, it was the first time I caught regular Travel Service colors at night...

Right after I arrived, CS-TKJ from Sata, pushed back:

Anyway, don't know what happened but it took quite a while for disengaging the tow from the plane and the Travel Service capt. was quite impancient for leaving....
(look at his face as he looks back for the Sata....)

Finally Sata started taxiing to runway 05...

As soon as its back was cleared, it made a quick push-back and "runned" into runway 05, taking off with no waste of time, heading to Prague...

As I was heading for a 20 minute trip back home, they still had a lot of flying to do before getting home...

7 comentários:

  1. Olá amigo Rui.
    Excelente série. Parabéns
    Obrigado pela visita ao meu blog.
    Ainda estou a começar e vou fazer um investimento numa máquina, pois só tenho uma compacta, uma Sony H5.
    Quanto aos Dash, eles andam numa de treinos nos aeroportos dos Açores, e é vê-los num rodopio de touch and go.
    Um Abraço

  2. Ficou bela a foto em que o sata está a taxiar por detrás do travel! Muito boa mesmo!

    Os meus parabéns pelo o belo postal!


  3. Boas fotos a noite, tao muito nitidas gostei, quando la fui a noite tirei tirei nada so caca tenho umas no blogue não tem nada a ver, força......

    Saudações aereas
    Paulo Olim

  4. Hehe! Paulo estas são só algumas das melhores...também houve outras que não se aproveitaram para nada...


  5. Bonita pintura, valeu a pena a deslocação ao aeroporto.

  6. Hi!
    Very nice pictures! I have to be patient next time!!! The destination was Prague, not Warsaw.
    Thank You.
    Your impatient captain.

  7. :))
    Glad you enjoyed!
    That Sata was really taking a while...
    Already corrected the destination, thanks.

    Whenever you come here, drop me a word and I'll try to take some pics, although at night it won't be much different than these...

    Thanks for your comments!
    Wishes of good flights!