domingo, 17 de maio de 2009

PoAF C295 training at LPMA

Squadron 502 keeps training at Madeira with its new airplanes, the C295M.

Last 13th May, got a call form Jorge: the C295 was at Funchal area and would go to the airport for a couple of touch and go's....

Was nearby my place, so run into my home to get my camera and the car and went "low flying" (obviously withing speed limits....) to the airport.

Managed to get near runway 05 treshold as the C295 was entering short final to this runway.
Made a quick stop and a few shots...not the best light registration, was 16703.

While it was making the second circuit to 05 I went to a better location, on the "rampa do Dionísio", on the road behind the runway, for the second touch and go.
The sun, at this time it's still backlit but is the best place for approach/touchdown.

After this touch and go, it went 3000ft to Porto Santo. Made a warn call to Paulo, at Porto Santo and headed home...
A real quick but also real worth trip...

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  1. Espero ter esta sorte um dia destes, lol
    Fantásticas, como sempre.