quinta-feira, 7 de maio de 2009

C-295M at Madeira

Great day for a military fan at Madeira! Finally got the chance to see (and photograph) the new Portuguese Air Force plane, the C295M. Was finishing some stuff at work before lunch when I got a call from Paulo Brito at Porto Santo. "The C295 was at Porto Santo and about to leave to Madeira" !!!!

Well, went back to "base" at work, grabbed my car and went "flying low" into the airport.
Managed to get there at the same time the C295 was leaving Porto Santo.

The time and sun weren't the best for the pics and they turned out nothing special but, anyway, got it!

It made a couple of touch and go's on runway 05 and headed to the Desert islands area during the landings/take offs of the civil traffic.
Afterwards, it came for another 2 landings at 05 leaving then (around 2:20 pm) to Porto Santo.

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  1. Ainda não tive o prazer de o ver e fotografar, mas gostei das tuas fotos.