Royal Danish Air Force C-130J departure

After the night-stop, time for the Royal Danish Air Force C-130J B-536 to depart for the final leg of its trip...
With a cloudy and dark day, decided to give it a try on a spot that usually, at that time would be strongly backlit but, on the other hand would probably provide more interesting action shots...was counting on the clouds keeping its dark look...

All in all...I guess it could be worse...(it could also be a lot better, off course...)

Getting the plane ready, after the night...

Engine on!

all four running and almost ready to the prop blur of those propellers...

A few shots of the take-off, where the backlit would do more damage....
Have a nice trip and a good mission!
Stay safe!


  1. Não te queixes da fotos. Apesar do "escuro" ficaram excelentes!

  2. Obrigado Um daqueles raros casos em que "rezei" para que o sol não aparecesse :)


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