Photo of the Week: Brazilian colors for the Dutch

The Transavia / GOL hybrid planes are nothing new here but, as far as I know, this was the first time we got the full GOL livery around here... :)
Already painted to return to the brazilian airline, PH-GUU is still flying around for Transavia...
Great catch as it's definitely not likely to get full livery brazilian colors here at Madeira...
Waiting for the slot time...lucky me they had to wait around 1 hour on the stand for the departure, otherwise I wouldn't have managed to get it... :)
finally...the push-back to runway 05

Operated by Transavia sticker, near the door.

the departure, to Amsterdam


  1. Um momento raro. Não sei se único (aqui), mas raro, sim.
    Rompeu com o statos quo reinante!
    Tive pena de nem sequer ter podido ver ao longe...


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