Kulula, by Transavia

Today, Transavia's flight from Amsterdam was carried through by something a little bit different: PH-HZA that's still "wearing" an hybrid livery of the Kulula Airlines.
It fits really nice on the Transavia livery! They should think of updating its livery with some of this green.

Unfortunately, while I was at the airport, this would have to be the only plane landing while the sun was behind clouds....crap!!

After the landing, went to the airport's balcony...
PH-HZA in the apron with its "French brother", Transavia France F-GZHB landing in the back, from Lyon / Porto

Unfortunately, looks like there are plans for closing this amazing balcony, with the remodeling of the terminal that it's schedulled to start in 2015.....
It's one of Madeira's Ex-Libris...hope they reconsider this...

Pushing-back to runway 05


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