Jetairfly with the cherry on the bottom

Last monday went to the airport with the aim of getting AeroVip's replacement for CS-TGG.
At about the same time was arriving Jetairfly's B738 OO-JLO with a great morning light.

It was the first time I managed to get Jetairfly (TUI...) new colors....
Winds on final were a bit tricky as noticeable in the aircraft's atitude (on that position, the usual is beeing leaned to the oposite side...)

And...the cherry on the bottom of the plane...
it's quite hard to master the art of getting the beacon on... :P
I'd be more happy if that kind of luck was more directed to stuff like the Euromillions but...oh well... getting the beacon is also nice :P
 For the take off I was already in another spot...
Take-off to Porto Santo as this was also the first Jetairfly of the season to Porto Santo, before proceding back to Brussels
Just a final curiosity...the plane was named "Grace": a woman's name for a plane with a female F/O


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