TP149 the "new" Lisbon - Funchal - Caracas

With the new winter season some changes are already beeing felt.
Some are just small ajustments, like TAP's flights from Lisbon to Caracas via Funchal.

During summer season this flight was made just before lunch time and now got moved back to the afternoon (which is quite a better time for me and for the light...).
Also, TAP change its flight numbering system so, this flight is now TP149...

Anyway, it was a long time since I last went to the airport to an A330, so decided to conciliate family joy with a couple of quick stops for the spotting.

The approach of this flight wasn't quite the usual, with a large approach and then a bit of a short entry into Gelo, heading straight into land followed by a hard banking to the right a then a bit a left banking for final corrections...

CS-TOO coming in for the landing on 05

It looked like it got a little bit of ground effect and went over the runway for a while...

....before the landing.
 For the departure, I went to get the rotation on the side of runway 23 but it suddendly changed the runway, after beeing ready to taxi to 05, it turned on the apron for runway 23...

Departing to CCS -  Caracas.
That would be a perfect take off to get on the side of runway 05....too bad...maybe next time...


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