The return of Smartlynx

Yesterday we had the return of Smartlynx, on the flights from Tallinn.
It arrived from that city during the night (around 4.55am) and stayed for a few hours for crew rest.

The other few times (or just once, maybe) they brought an airplane with full Smartlynx livery I couldn't go to the airport for some shots so, yesterday, after work made a quick run into the airport to take some shots of its departure, around 4.35pm.

It was departing on a positioned (empty) flight to Ponta Delgada, Azores (PDL), so there was a good probability of making a good and early take-off....

Ponta de S.Lourenço on the background...

YL-BBC pushing back to runway 05 with a nice Lynx on the nose..

This must have been one of a kind for me! No need to crop nor rotate for horizon leveling...right out of the camera with redimension, a bit of levels and sharp...


  1. Boas Rui, este era o avião que iria passar aqui em PXO a 09-09-2011 para seguir para Ponta Delgada. Curioso. Cumprimentos


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