NATO Tiger Meet 2012 to Norway

Just got the info by phone...
Went to the Nato Tiger Association site and it's definitely true...NATO Tiger Meet 2012 will no longer be held at Portugal (was suposed to take place at Monte Real Air Base, home of 301 Sqn "Jaguares"....

NTM 2012 relocation
NATO Tiger Meet

NTM 2012, unlike previously reported is NOT taking place in Portugal, but in Norway.

Due to increasing financial problems for Portugal, and the economic measures announced by the IMF last July. Budget for opperational training for the Portugees Air Force has suffered a drastic cutback, resulting in the cansellation of NTM 2012.

luckely only days after the announcement by 301 Sqn, the CO of 338 squadron RNoAF has already convinced Norwegian Generals, and has taken over the task of hosting NTM2012


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