Memories - Fischer Air

Today (or yesterday...) RM published an entry at Asas Madeira regarding the virtues of the Czech and specially of their airline, Travel Service.

Reminded me of this other Czech airline that, back then I though it had a very nice livery...
Talking about Fischer Air...

Unfortunatelly ceased operations in November 2005.
Later, in 2007, its Polish "sister" operated to Madeira...(will be posting those pics some other day...)

Meanwhile, you can check some more pics of Fischer 737 planes at Madeira HERE


  1. Lembro deste sem duvida, gosto do visual!

    Paulo Olim
    Asas Madeira

  2. Well I certainly took a lot of planes on this last trip. I flew with American Airlines, Iberia, and Easyjet. All were fine although Iberia had less room than the others, I would think twice before taking them on anything longer than a couple of hours (although maybe their longer hauls have more room?).


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