The Condor from Hamburg

Yesterday's afternoon traffic was nothing really special but the Condor 486 flight, from Hamburg, was beeing flown by a captain that had exchanged a few emails with me so, decided to go for some photographs.

Despite the sun and quiet day at Funchal, the weather at Santa Cruz (Airport) was completely diferent: the sun was shinning at the airport but the approach from east was completely covered with low compact clouds and rain.
Also the winds were blowing quite hard and in an erratic way...for some time there was tail winds in both runways or also some crossed winds.
ATC was informing planes to expect to be visual to the runway on the downwind (usually they come visual to the  runway much sooner...)

When the A320 came for the landing, the winds on the runway looked ok but they came all the final to 05 with strong tail wind, getting suddendly head wind, with positive windshear over the runway treshold...

Anyway, they managed to hold it...

...and make a very nice landing...
(The Air Berlin, from Zurich, that came after them, although warned for those conditions, had to make a go-around before landing on second atempt)

For the departure, I went to another spot, for some overviews of TAP and Sata landings and the Condor (D-AICG)  departing, from 05 to Hamburg...


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