ND's at Porto Moniz

Yesterday had to go Porto Moniz,
after the professional duties, took my half-an-hour to try out some more shots with ND filters at local natual pools...

Oposite to  Funchal, the wheater there was dull, cloudy and windy and with not much time, only took few shots....
These two are the ones that, in my opinion turned out best....
(Anyway, Porto Moniz is definitely a place with lots of possibilities for this kind of photography....)


  1. Tão porreiras. Pessoalmente gosto mais da 2ª.
    Temos que combinar uma chapas dessas!

  2. Queria tentar umas ao heliporto mas, estava uma ventania...

  3. Muito bonitas, bonita é também a cauda da foto da semana.


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