New Photo of the Week - Snow up high in Madeira

Yesterday the snow kept falling all day long in the higher peaks of Madeira (and also in some lower locations where snow  is quite unusual)...
By the end of the afternoon, a lot of people was caught in surprise with the intensity of the snow fall and was unable the return back, so Emergency services had to go to the rescue of the people (almost 70 cars had to be abandoned in the middle of the snow....)
Fortunatelly everything went ok and no casualties are reported...

This morning took some shots from São Martinho and Pico dos Barcelos, on the upper Funchal...
The view from the front of my daughter's kindergarden...

A lot more white than usual...


  1. Estão lindas as "nossas" serras!
    Excelentes fotos, Rui!

  2. Lá em cima é que estava espectacular, pelas imagens da RTP-M mas...só de TT....

  3. Caramba!
    Magníficas fotos!
    Quando vi as serras a caminho da PSol, nem queria acreditar que estava numa ilha "sub-tropical"!
    A natureza é imparável!


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