New Photo of the Week - Changing the spot...

Last Saturday decided to go for an afternoon of spotting...
Wanted to try a few different spots that only work on the afternoon, considering the light.

Anyway, when I got there, the G-HUBY, a ERJ-135 was about to leave and also another bizjet was supposed to arrived by that time so, went to the usual spot.
A few other spotters were also there so, ended up staying on the same place...

When most of the traffic ended, everyone went out and I also went for some personal business, when I was returning to Funchal, noticed that Aigle Azur was about to leave with a TAP coming to land....decided to go to a different spot.
I hadn't photograph from this place in quite a while and with some last sunrays, the scene was really nice and the best...unusual on my last shots...

TAP's A320 CS-TNM landing on 05


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