Traffic's back

It's nice to see that finally the traffic is back to Madeira.
There are still many flights cancelled but some airlines already started to go regular on Madeira.
The first airline to arrive was Niki, with OE-LET, from Vienna.

Haven't been to the airport today but, it's good ocasion to share of couple of pics from last week.
It was a long time since I last had photographed a Niki.
It was a dark early morning but still it made some nice reflections of the fuselage...

A nice detail on the wing tips

Still today, an highlight to OO-TCN "Kim Clijsters", from Thomas Cook and the Austrian, with an A319 (OE-LDG) that came in the afternoon.
A few more traffic is expected for today, let's hope things get to normal state soon.


  1. Belos detalhes,finalmente temos movimento, amanhã aqui na Horta, acho que é um dia "antes nunca visto", vou ver o que consigo...

  2. Pois, amanhã (ou seja..mais logo...hehe) também deverá ser um dia mesmo muito bom por cá....veremos...


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