New Photo of the Week - Going around

This Week was hesitating between 2 pics, for the Photo of the Week.
Decided for this one just because it has more red than the other one....LOL...portuguese will understand....
(it's a criteria just as good as any other.... :))

Anyway, last Saturday went to the airport at the afternoon, thinking it would be a good afternoon of spotting with some nice traffic, including the unusual Euroatlantic B757, bringing Braga team and supporters to the game with C.D.Nacional....
Well...glad there were quite a few guys, so we were in a nice chat...

The weather was quite unstable and the wind also, with the runway in use changing a lot of times and even then, planes were getting tail winds on final to the runway in use.

This Air Berlin, in particular, was coming to runway 05 and started getting quite strong tail winds...made  a go-around and entered directly into the circuit to runway 23 getting also some tail winds but landing ok.

On the take-off, wind also didn't make things pushed back to runway 23 and taxied to Bravo, but with the winds change, ended up backtracking to runway 05 before take-off....


  1. Hoje estiveram cá 2. Pelo menos segundo a página da net da ANA Aeroportos.
    E não foi só. Devido à famosa nuvem, aproveitaam hoje de tarde para fazer uma "carrada" de voos.
    Infelizmente não fui ao aeroporto. O meu mais novo está com varicela.
    Ahhhh, antes que me esqueça. Excelente foto.


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