New photo of the Week - 4 Years ago....

Usually, I keep more personal stuff out of the blog but, this week decided to make an exception...

4 Years ago, around this time, I was outside the operating room, in a quite anxious state.
Life was about to change even more than those last 9 months...
It hadn't been easy months but it managed to get to that point, and about to became more "real"...

Some time after 9a.m., a nurse came out with a little car bringing what it seemed to be just a bunch of bedding clothes, wrapped around....well, it wasn't just clothes....
Happy Birthday!


  1. E a menina já faz 4 anos, muito depressa passa o tempo.
    Muitos Parabens para a menina e papás!!!

  2. Olá não sei quem são, mais deixo os meus parabens
    a menina e aos pais;))

    Paulo Olim
    Asas Madeira


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