New Photo of the Week - Polish Air Force Tu-154M

This wasn't the Photo of the Week I was planning but the news on the crash of the Polish Presidencial Tu-154 justify the change...
First of all my deepest feelings for the victims and families.

The only Tu-154 I ever photographed was one from the Polish Air Force (102).
(Jorge just told me that the crashed one was the 101).

It was during the visit of the President of the Polish Parliament to our island in Oct.2009
The Blog entry regarding that visit can bee found HERE.


  1. Rui, the Tupolev 154 (102) that you photographed is still 'alive', the crashed one was 101.

  2. O design Tupolev é fantástico. Mesmo vendo os Tupolev militares, se percebe que são aviões, no mínimo "diferentes" de todos os outros...


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