Unusual night traffic

These last days we've had some unsuall night-stoppers at Madeira, due to weather conditions not only in Madeira but also in the rest of Europe.

Last Sunday, Primera had to divert to Porto Santo and then it came a few hours later to Madeira but, probably due to flight limits of the crew it stayed for the night, departing Monday morning.

Monday, Luxair arrived about 3 hours later and stayed also for the night, departing this morning.

Unfortunately didn't get any night shots of these birds so, decided to share a couple of very unusual night-stoppers...

The first and only time we had a KC-10 around here and it ended up staying a few more days than expected due to a technical problem.
The C-130 was one of the new J versions for the US Coast Guard. As far as I know it was also the first and only time we had these around here. We had the regs. 2005 and 2006 from USCG, scales related to the presence of a USCG ship that was in Funchal port.
US military traffic is more the Lajes "department" :)) so, when we get these birds around here is allways a great event...


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