Cimber Sterling Premiere

One of favorite planes/liveries ever was Sterling's Super Carevelle that I used to see from home on final to runway 06 of old LPFU, when I was a kid.

Later, when I started taking some pics with my first digital camera, still caught some pics of Sterling...

After some years it restarted coming to Madeira in 2007 but due to my work schedulles I only caught it once...(and with quite some crappy pics...)

In Winter season 2008, it started coming with new livery...couldn't get it and though:
"I'll get it next week...."
Well, next week Sterling had gone bankrupt and I hadn't photographed it....argh!!!

That was one of my spotting frustrations...and I though I'd never see those colors around here anymore...

Fortunately Cimber Air took the chance and made a business, buying some parts of Sterling and creating Cimber Sterling.

Today, was the premiere from this airline at Madeira, in a flight from Copenhagen.
Was expecting to see a plane with Cimber's retro livery and got quite surprised when I saw a full livery Sterling!!!

Unfortunatelly got too late for the arrival and celebration bath, by the Airport's fire department...


  1. Hoje deve ter sido um dia "vermelho", eh eh eh
    Só pela cor já gosto do avião.

  2. O vermelhinho foi sem dúvida a estrela do dia mas houve outras coisas interessantes, além do tráfego mais banal e para o qual já nem há muito pachorra para levantar a máquina...


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