quinta-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2019

The Swedish German

Still with Tui older colors, this B738 deserved a second look as its registration wasn't familiar to me...
After a more carefull look, noticed some signs that looked familiar...

D-ATYC landing on runway 05

pushing back for the return flight.
Near the door the "shadow" of a removed sticker...looked like it was a former Tui Nordic plane, as they used those litle mascot stickers

also on the back, quite visible the painted area of the new registration/flag
It was former SE-RFU.
According to Airfleets, it's been at Tuifly since May 2017...

Hell..that's a long time...Hadn't noticed this change before...have to start getting some more Tuifly's, even with the boring blue :)

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