sexta-feira, 22 de abril de 2011

New Photo of the Week - A-7 at AM1, the rest of the Warrior

Like I said on the last post, last week had the oportunity to be at AM1 at Maceda, Ovar.
Went to visit the small Air Museum located on that Air Force Maneuver Airfield and the first view I had there was this fantastic A-7 at the main Entrance.

The A-7 was the first PoAF fighter I had the oportunity to see in flight and for that won a special place on my passion for planes...
Back in the beggining of the 90's (1991) due to the Gulf War, PoAF detached at least (not sure on the number...) 5 A-7P's to Porto Santo.
It was the most amazing summer I had there in vacations (regarding planes...)

Everyday I would get to see the A-7's in action performing flights over the island and specially, over the beach.
This one ocasion, in special has allways stayed in my mind: while lying in the beach a couple of A-7's suddendly apeared over my head, from the trees in the back on a low (very low...) level...
The view...the sounds...unforgetable...

Now the warrior rests....

Dedicated to all A-7 Fanatics (specially the one that was with me on that day... ) ;)

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  1. Fico muito feliz por ti, companheiro!
    O A-7P é O avião!
    E estar perto dele é uma emoção que eu não sei descrever. Só se sente!