quinta-feira, 22 de abril de 2010

XL Germany by Night

Yesterday afternoon noticed at the Madeira Airports traffic page a flight that wasn't there earlier: a XL Germany flight.
Was arriving in the night but, with a couple of diferent liveries, was well worth to keep an eye on the registration and it really payed: it was D-AXLI, the Miami Air / XL Hybrid!

Don't know if it has been here before but I never had got it...
After dinner, the trip to the airport was really worth it.

The most usual spotters were around, so it was also very nice for some chat during the spotting.

Love those polished metal parts...
...and the fuselage is shining and also quite reflective.

Notice the all fuselage, since the tail reflected on the inside of the engine?
Ready for push-back (Funny name for the plane)...
This one is probably my favorite, with the lights, the guys moving around and the bright shinning reflections on the fuselage...

I know that this last one has some rather strange colors on the TAP's tail (the pic's over-exposed...) but the taxiing XL, on the back really make a nice effect...

3 comentários:

  1. Boas fotos estão muito fixe, a foto da tap esta muito bonita gostei...

  2. A da Tap tá excelenteeeeeeeeeeeeee, grande efeito.

  3. Muito boas fotos!
    Esse 737 está com um excelente aspecto e não, não é um frigorífico!
    A foto do TAP revela uma mestria excelente!