quinta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2009

The night the Alouette flew into the Fórum

Some days ago, I found this pics while navigating through old photos.
Thought that it really deserved to be shared, if not for the pics quality, at least for the event.

It's not everyday you get to see an Alouette II at Madeira, and even less you get to see it on a "night flight"...hehe!

The year: 2006. The event: A military exhibit at the Fórum Madeira Shopping.

Had the info that an Al.II would be present in the exhibit and had the schedule of its arrival on the day before its opening.
It was late, as the exhibit was beeing mounted after the closing of the shopping center.

Anyway was well worth it. I'm pretty sure it was the first (and only) time we had an Alouette II at Madeira.
It arrived on a tow truck, the surrunding area provided some nice backgrounds (although the sprinklers on the grass didn't help at all on the positions to photograph....)

The military personal was nice and allowed me some close-up shots, in this case on top of the tow, right in front of the alouette...

Preparing the "take-off", with Fórum Madeira on the back and hey...you can almost see my home back there... ;)

Al.II, you're cleared for "take-off", tower out!...

...and it's a touch down...inside the Fórum.

This one was also around, expecting its turn to fly inside the Fórum. Also not an usual view around here...

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