quinta-feira, 22 de outubro de 2009

Madjet flying...

A couple of days ago, after leaving work decided to go to the airport for some spotting.
Didn't knew exactly what was coming but didn't care. Just wanted to see and shoot some planes.
Got some TAP's and 3 Air Berlins (old colors....blargh...) and a Tuifly when it was already getting dark...but, the top catch was this little bizjet!
Althought it's based at Madeira, I had no previous shots of it flying.

Was sitting in the car, listening to some music and switching radio freqs. between Approach and Tower when sudendly, out of nowhere I heard on the radio "Jet2. Runway 23, cleared to land!"
Jumped out of the car, thinking "Jet2?? what is that?" It crossed my mind it could be a plane from the Jet2.com airline but then I noticed it was this little bird, coming in on a great light!

2 comentários:

  1. Oi migo,
    mt fixe as tuas fotos .... de blog
    José Resendes

  2. Boas Ainda não tive sorte de ver esse passarinho no ar ...
      Penso que ea unica companhia sediada na Madeira ...