quarta-feira, 21 de outubro de 2009

First air pics of the CS-HEU

Yesterday, on lunch time, went to the harbour, trying to get the Heliatlantis/Helibravo airborn.
The only pics I had of it were from the days after its arrival and all on the ground.
As I was arriving, noticed its noise...landing or taking off?? I was lucky. It wasn't on the helipad.
So, I just had to wait a little bit. Probably 15minutes.
After around 15m there it was again coming back...

It's definitely a lot lighter than the other helicopter. The last time I had go to that place, I got a "bath" from the sea water, sprayed by the downdraft of the rotor.
This one came in a bit higher and didn't spray neither water nor even some wind...


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  1. Excelentes fotos.
    Diz-me uma coisa se souberes:
    onde posso encontrar para compar em Portugal o livro ou o cd-rom da JP Airline Fleets International 2009/2010?
    Tenho andado À procura e a coisa está difícil.