quarta-feira, 14 de outubro de 2009

Aigle Azur return/Premiere in Airbus

After 5 years, Aigle Azur returned to our island.
In 2004 they operated Boeing 737 and just as I had received a message from one of their F/O's that they would start receiving the Airbus, they stoped coming to Madeira.

Last Monday (Oct.12th) they returned.
The first flight wasn't a regular one. It was a promotional flight with French journalists, tour operators and trip agents.

The plane was received by the Airport's Fire Department water canons at the entry of stand Alpha 05.

Fortunatelly the weather was sunny and the rainbow gave a fantastic touch to the event (clouds arrived later, thanks for that...)

Crowded cockpit....

Passengers were received with flowers and mini-bottles of Madeira Wine (no pics...they got crappy...)
After the event the plane was towed to stand Alpha 04...

And prepared for the night stop.
I must say that it's the first time I get to see a plane from an airline with all those kinds of cares for the night stop...(remove before flight tags and specially, the engine covers....)

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  1. a huge difference to my pictures, since i used the 50-500, especially the one that we see the rainbow. i guess it misses one between #2 and #3 entering the stand

  2. I tought of not changing the lens for the "bath" but I'm glad I did it.
    Just for some info, the "bath" pics were taken with a 300D + Sigma 18-200OS and all the rest with 300D + Sigma 50-500

  3. Do you want to see my 10-20 shots :D
    Nice shots Rui!
    Nevertheless, I guess that that Air Luxor, the one that had a landing gear problem before take-off, also had those engine protections... not sure...

  4. Go ahead Rui...waiting for the 10-20 wide shots!

  5. Excelente reportagem, gostei muito, grandes pormenores.

  6. Ola ola ... passando por aqui parece que ja ta tudo dito boas fotos;))