terça-feira, 21 de março de 2017

C-27J Royal Australian Air Force

Can't remember seeing an Australian plane around here...to add that, we also never had an Alenia C-27J visit so, all together you definitely get the most interesting traffic of the year so far, with the visit of Royal Australian Air Force C-27J A34-004, operated by 35 Sqn. on a technical stop.

Arrived from Cabo Verde and after a technical stop, was starting engines for the departure to the next stop...

the other competitor for the replacement of the Portuguese C-212 Aviocar, lost to C-295...don't know if the C-295 is better but at least it's better looking... :)

Someone at the window seat :)

take-off run from runway 05

...and the rotation right on the spot :)

heading to Palma de Maiorca...

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