segunda-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2014

Privilege for the Reveillon

It's those days of the year when people start arriving for Madeira's famous Reveillon.
This morning we had a Privilege flight from Madrid.
Had already seen a few times their 757 around here but it was the first time I saw its ERJ-145.
A nice catch to end the year... (as it was probably my last spotting session of the year, also...)
EC-KSS just after touchdown on runway 05
Air Europa titles...something also unsual around here.
arriving to the stand
 and, the positioned departure back to Madrid.

Rotate and good-bye...
See you next year (for the return trip of the passengers)

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  1. Um "cromo" muito repetido por Lisboa e que atualmente opera vários voos diários para o OPO.
    Boas fotos como do costume

    Rui Miguel