domingo, 17 de julho de 2011

New Photo of the Week - The White Travel Service

Was expecting to have a pic of the take-off of the A318 for this Week's Photo but, unfortunatelly didn't manage to get departed before time. (Looks like it was a rather nice take-off...)

Anyway, no pics on that from me, so decided to select THIS ONE that was acepted at Airliners, yesterday.
It's indeed one of my favorite pics, in the quality, framing and colors.

Despite the the white of the fuselage, it looks really nice with those big Travel Servive titles (and the red antennas give a little bit of a great touch)....

OK-TVP on short final to Madeira's runway 05
You can check a few more pics on that plane at Madeira HERE

2 comentários:

  1. esse já podia vir ca que nao me importava ! lol

  2. Sugerimos à TVS que troque e mande para cá o que costuma ir aí... ;)