domingo, 24 de abril de 2011

enter air Premiere

Today we had a premiere around here: enter air

Yesterday noticed the ENT835 flight at Madeira Airport page. Had never seen it.
According to it was enter air...really? something new?
Well, this morning went all over the "radars" and confirmed SP-ENC coming in...

Saw it arriving from my moms balcony. On a family Easter lunch, right after the dessert went to the airport for the departure and almost didn't get it... when I got there it was already linning up on runway 05...

Departing to Warsaw after the premiere flight (arrived from Prague)
Simple but nice livery

Only managed to get this acceptable shot which wasn't that bad, considering that I had been the previous night at the airport shooting some pics at Air Explore and the camera still had those settings, when I arrived at full speed...
(Next post will be on those Air Explore at night....)

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