sábado, 11 de dezembro de 2010

Common but not that much....

Sometimes, when spotting, I overlook Sata and specially TAP planes for beeing too common, thinking that I can catch them any time...

Well, just uploaded to Jetphotos a pic of CS-TNV and realised that it's the first one of that plane that I upload.
Even more, according to my processed files, it's only the second time I get that registration this year and it looks like I didn't get it last year....

So, once more, it's better to "shoot anything that moves" than later realising that I lost the oportunity....(can't forget to remember that....lol)

2 comentários:

  1. Pois, esse é recente (1 ano talvez em serviço), ainda vais a tempo de os apanhar, olha que já retiraram os mais antigos, lol

  2. :)
    Da maneira que o tempo tem corrido ultimamente, ainda vão para a reforma e eu sem apanhá-los...LOL