sábado, 7 de agosto de 2010

Rally Vinho Madeira

Last Thursday was the first day of Rally Vinho Madeira 2010.

The first stage was a super-special "show" stage at Funchal downtown.
I only managed to get there when it was already beggining so, the front places had already been completely taken...

With only the hole of a needle to photograph a high-speed passing car, I only managed to take a couple of aceptable shots, like this one...
(Curiously, this one crashed on the last stage of the second day of Rally....)

With this....decided to focus my camera on the only thing that was above the heads in front of me...the filming helicopter...
It came from the Canary islands, so it's something new for me....

3 comentários:

  1. Boas fotos Rui, parece que a super especial passou-te ao lado :))

  2. :)) Pois...passou à frente do monte de pessoal à minha própria frente...lol

  3. Muito fixe gostei!
    Por aqui passa muitos mais muito la no alto, ca seca.
    Ainda por cima muitos modelos diferentes!