quarta-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2009

Restoration Day

Yesterday (Dec.1st) was a National Holliday.
It was Restoration Day, celebrating the day we kicked the spanishes out, after 60 years under their domain.

You can read some more on that HERE

Anyway, took the day to relax nearby my place going in the morning for some cofee and taking my daughter to play on a nearby park.
After which, the day was so beautifull that we decided to go to the Lido area.
Lido is a known beach/pool complex at Funchal, nearby my place with a garden/park area around. It's a nice place for a walk or just to be there sitting and relaxing and also a nice place for kids to play around.

...and definitely weather isn't the same of the days...pretty sure that going to the beach wasn't one of the things people used to do on a December holliday....

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