quarta-feira, 7 de outubro de 2009

New Photo of the Week - Memories

This late Photo of the Week came to my mind after seeing one of the opening photos regarding the traffic at LPMA - Madeira on http://www.aviacaoportugal.net/ forum.
It was about an open window on Haribo, the Tuifly special livery....

It reminded me this unsual pic that I took a few years ago (2005...time does fly...)
I never had seen that before and never had seen it again since then...

The other motive for this choice was that fact that this same aircraft is now bearing the Cimber Sterling livery and it has came to Madeira at least once (Jorge just confirmed it was twice...) as registed on Asas Madeira Blog.

Great livery it is. Let's hope it comes again next Monday and I can go there, as I'm planning...

3 comentários:

  1. Confesso, que dessas nunca tinha visto, lol

  2. Caramba essa escadaria esta original nao tinha visto nada assim!

    Era bom uma escada dessas no ATP sempre era melhor... ;))