terça-feira, 15 de setembro de 2009

Heavy rain for Transavia...

Last Sunday got the info that the monday afternoon Transavia would be a special livery, the PH-HZL.
Finally Transavia was bringing some special livery to Madeira...
They failed to bring the PH-XRA with its amazing livery (and still after it changed to another special livery, it also didn't come, altough they brought some other 737-700...)

Anyway made a quick trip to the airport for getting the Transavia.
The sky was real dark when I arrived and runway 23 was in use.
SAS (retro painting) was over the VOR and entering final when the heavy rain and clouds got around the plane and we lost sight of it for a few moments before seeing it aborting the approach and turning in direction to FUSUL.

Started raining a lot with no visibility for quite a while. SAS and Transavia went to holding and Transavia started asking about the METAR at Porto Santo...crap, I had litle time to wait and it probably would divert to Porto Santo....

Finally the visibility started improving but still was raining a lot. Runway changed to 05.
TAP's TP131 to Caracas started pushing-back to runway 05 and made its take-off under heavy rain...(photographed from inside my car, with the window opened while the guy near me was using this big yellow beach umbrella...a guy have to do what a guy have to do....lol)

Finally as weather improved, I went to the side of runway 05 to get the landings (by now there were about 6 planes on holding...)

Too bad about the weather, the possible photos of the Transavia...
to Spiros,
Thanks, my friend!

Still wasn't this time the Porto Santo spotters got SAS's retro...

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  1. Looks like it was much better at Transavia departure, did you wait?

  2. Excelente. Já estou à espera do mau tempo por aqui. ;))