quinta-feira, 14 de maio de 2009

Travel Service A320

Last Monday morning (11th May) we had something new around here: first time Travel Service flew to Madeira with an A32o (until the day before, I didn't even knew they had those planes...)

Ended up beeing a very nice day, as in the afternoon there was also some very interesting traffic...but, I'll leave the afternoon traffic for the next post....let's talk about the morning...

Usually I don't find the monday morning traffic to interesting...it's mainly First Choice/Thomsons, TAP, Easyjet and Transavia (with no intentions on bringing the PH-XRA special livery...)
This monday we had also a couple of Travel Services and like I said, one was an A320, reason enough for a ride to the airport:

The other Travel Service of the day, on final to runway 05, with "Gelo" on background and "Santa Maria" Caravelle sailing to Funchal

A nice condensation effect on the left engine of this Thomson. The other guys said they'd seen it in other planes taking off but I only noticed on this one.

The morning Transavias, from Amsterdam and Transavia France, from Paris.

Entering runway 05, on its return to Amsterdam. On the afternoon there was another flight.
Will Transavia ever bring to Madeira its special livery on PH-XRA? I guess they've brought every plane on the fleet, including all the 737-700, except that one...

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