segunda-feira, 25 de maio de 2009

New Photo of the Week - Navy Lynx

This week, the Photo of the Week is dedicated to E24th HM (Navy Helicopter Squadron).
One year ago, the Navy Day celebrations were carried through at Madeira.
Like I said before, a fantastic week and also the first time I got to see the Navy Super Lynx in action.
This photo was taken from Funchal "beach" with the Lynx almost on vertical with me in the final part of the demo.
Pretty sure the pic isn't able to pay justice to the moment, the sensation of noise and power...

Took lots and lots of photos and it's allways hard to choose, so today, I'm sharing a few ones of the 24th May 2008 demo.
It's just a small random selections of the pics I took that day.

The rescue demo

The boarding demo. On that day, we also got the first visit of the Independence of the Seas, which was, at the time (don't know if still is) the world's biggest cruise ship.

Inserting marines

The ending of the demo with one of the Lynx landing on NRP Álvares Cabral getting ready to return to the mainland and the other wenting to NRP Corte Real at the port.

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