domingo, 10 de maio de 2009

Farewell to Saga Rose

Yesterday (09.May.2009) was the last scale of the cruise ship Saga Rose.

Acording to DN it has started scaling Madeira in April, 21st 1966, named as "Sagafjord".
Its last scale was the 77th at our port...and you can really notice that it's a cruise from the "old" days. Its design remembers me about the ships of the old National Navigation Company...

I used to make much more ship spotting photography but since they started the works in the port and increased the restrictions I've cut on the ship spotting photography.

You can allways get some nice pics from other locations but despite being an awfull seaman I do enjoy and fell relaxing wallking in the port, by the sea the ships enjoying its lines, details and photographing them...

Anyway, couldn't stay for the departure, don't know if they made anything special but here some shots just for the record.

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